About the Book

Confessions of a Love Dream, The True Story of My French Affair

It’s the romantic fantasy of a lifetime: an American woman on vacation in the south of France has a chance meeting with a handsome Frenchman. In an instant, they are swept into an immediate attraction but there’s a problem… they don’t speak the same language and… he’s married. With children. What’s Serina going to do?

This is one of the central questions in Confessions of a Love Dream, but ultimately, the story becomes Serina’s personal journey to authenticity through exploring who she is as a person and finding her way in the world. Serina comes to realize that the person she has been raised to become was never the person she was meant to be.

After spending a few magical hours together in the south of France, she and the Frenchman begin an on-line love affair that opens her heart. The depth of their connection and his beautiful French love letters inspire her to go deep and examine her past for better or worse. Along the way, she discovers, truth, love, happiness, her calling as a writer and-Paris!

Serina revisits the events in her life that led up to her going to France and meeting Thierry, her Frenchman. Many years before, at a real estate convention, Serina is given the advice to take her daughter to France for her sixteenth birthday. It is a goal that sticks with her, and one that ultimately Serina makes a reality. While on her daughter’s birthday trip, Serina is approached by a handsome Frenchman who tells her that he finds her very beautiful. Although they share a passionate connection, the two must part ways and Serina believes she will probably never hear from him nor see him again.

Imagine her surprise when, months later, Thierry contacts Serina via email and the two begin to write romantic love letters to one another, although the language barrier makes the connection more difficult. Eventually, Serina is presented with the opportunity to meet up with Thierry for a week in Paris, where he’ll be staying for business. Her predicament: should she go?

All the advice that Serina receives is ultimately unhelpful. Her friends either think she’s crazy or incredibly lucky. Either way, Serina realizes that ultimately it is her decision. Does she embrace the chance of going to Paris and being passionately kissed under the Eiffel Tower and thereby fulfilling one of her lifelong dreams? Or does she stay at home, and wonder about what might have been?

This thought provoking true-life romance makes the reader consider just what, exactly, determines our behavior. Serina must examine the paradigms that have helped to shape her viewpoint as a woman and whether or not these are still relevant to the woman she wants to become. Along the way, she rediscovers her calling to become a writer as well as her ability to embrace love for love’s sake. She discovers the depth of her character as she forges her own spiritual path, connecting her Christianity with her Native American roots as a Shaman Medicine Woman and intuitive healer.

Serina’s story is ultimately that of self-discovery, a later in life coming of age, and a romance novel. Serina ends up finding love, not only with her handsome Frenchman, but also with herself-the best love of all. This heart-warming story recounts all aspects of Serina’s life, including her fierce maternal drive, as one woman struggles to find out just who she is and where she belongs in this world.