Confessions of a Love Dream is a delicious peek into the journey of a adventurous woman bursting with sexuality.”
–Midori, author of “Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink”

“A fascinating novel of one woman’s journey from powerlessness and low self-esteem to self-awareness and authenticity. Reading Stephanie Serina Torres’ novel feels like witnessing the birth of powerful womanhood.”
– Chaz August; Founder, Relationship Effectiveness Institute, Personal Growth Coach, Workshop Creator and Facilitator.

“Confessions of a Love Dream is smoking hot! Torres is a gifted writer who takes life by the horns and rides it high!”
– Randy Peyser, Author of Crappy to Happy as seen in the movie, “EAT, PRAY, LOVE”.

Serina’s story is a compelling journey from “living small” to arriving at a place of personal power and love. She’s a living celebration of the human spirit and is a shining example to us all!” -Daka Corey, founder of “Mastering Intimate Connection” workshop series